Stop in the name of the … Claw?

April 27, 2014 john 0
Over the past 70 years or so we’ve had lots of cinematic variations on the werewolf theme. Wolf-Men. Wolf-Women. Teen Wolf. Lycanthropic gated communities. To the best of my knowledge, Canadian writer/director/editor Lowell Dean (known for 13 Eerie, I Heart… Read the rest

Four years of dedication for your enjoyment

January 9, 2014 john 0
Japanese animator Takahide Hori spent four years of his spare time making this stunning half-hour stop-motion creation. The painstaking process took four years comprised almost solely of the artist’s effort, creating all the characters and sets and shooting it one… Read the rest

film lines through time

January 29, 2013 john 0
Sometimes, a movie is just plain memorable,¬†occasionally¬†even being remembered for being good. Such movies then take their place in one or more groups of “classic” films, depending on your definition of the term classic. by… Read the rest

2013 sci-fi film potential hit list

January 20, 2013 john 0
With some chagrin I remember, at the age of 16, smugly telling my unenlightened friends how Star Trek: The Motion Picture would be the film of the decade. It cost 40 million and had the original cast, and Bob Wise… Read the rest


January 13, 2013 john 0
Oblivion follows a repairman of orbiting drones in a future where Earth is all but destroyed. He starts to uncover secrets about what’s left of humanity and the alien Scavs that ravaged the planet. Don’t hold the casting of Tom… Read the rest