Kill Laundry Odor and Stains Naturally: Even Skater Stink!

Originally published June 8, 2016 at

Skater Girls
Girls, you’re cute, but you smell awful.

ecoGirl (aka The Beastie), a figure skater, had the best ever line last year after they had to use the locker room right after the hockey players.

Beastie: “We had to burn a tire in the locker room to get rid of the hockey death stink.”

ecoGeeks OXY-Boost not only completely and naturally removes hockey stink, it also completely removes organic stains naturally.

Laundry Use

Ecogeeks OXY-Boost removes tough stains like berries, wine, grass, juice and more! Safe and effective in all water temperatures, and more effective in hot water.   Safe for all fabrics except silk or wool.

Recommended Amounts for Laundry:

Use as pre-soak:
For heavily stained garments by adding 4 oz per gallon of HOT water and soak overnight.

Amount for Washing Machine:
Light Soil: 1 oz per load
Moderate Soil: 2 oz per load
Heavy Soil: 4-6 oz per load.

Warmer water and longer soaking will get better results!

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