A Hotel for Geeks, Complete with Joystick Sink!

(Originally published at catintheflock.com)

geek hotel 01Last week my husband and I took a short trip to Walla Walla and stayed in a hotel room that at first felt to me like stepping into an airplane in the 1960s. The furniture is built-in, curved, and modular. Case in point: The microwave is behind this abstract cupboard (above pic). Then I realized this is a safety feature: Everything is attached to everything else, so even if you wanted to steal the beside-the-bed lights, you couldn’t, as they are built into the cabinets.

geek hotel 02





But THEN I realized the hotel was actually designed with nerds in mind. Behold, the sink handle is a joystick!



Also, this is definitely a Lego toilet.

geek hotel 03

That is all. Oh, if you’re planning a trip to W2, and this looks fun to you, the hotel is the Courtyard Marriott. We went because the man had a business meeting, so we got the government rate, but I suspect it’s pretty pricey otherwise. On that note, is it becoming impossible to travel now? I mean, who can afford a couple hundred a night for a hotel? I don’t know what I’d do without Airbnb.

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