Confirmed: J.J. Abrams To Helm Firefly Reboot for The Big Screen



You actually took the time to check this story out before plastering it all over social media. You are part of a truly rare breed. A real truth ranger, riding tall among the faux storefronts and plastic tumbleweeds of the wild wild web. I’d offer you a beer if I were not so incredibly cheap. I will however, raise my tall-boy to you in esteemed honor.

Today’s news cycle.
Let’s face it. It sucks. Even more so when it’s accurate. Add to that the rise of the fake news sites, that attempt to toy with your emotions in hopes of getting some click-coin.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a news source that never raises your blood pressure, simply because you already know it’s not true?

Not even a smidgin?

Well relax. There is such a place.

evil aliens

You’ll find scads of allegedly humorous articles, all guaranteed to be completely devoid of any real information. Or at the very least, skirting the event horizon of veracity.

So why not take a look?

You know you want to.


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