A Call for Contributors

September 25, 2014 john 0
Hey Kids! Got your own blog highlighting all that is geeky? Want to reach a larger audience and gain regular readers of your blog? Howsabout reposting your select articles here at The Brew? This is admittedly a huge boon to… Read the rest

Las Vegas gets Steamy

January 6, 2014 john 0
Las Vegas, Nevada: Today at the Consumer Electronics Show, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell took to the stage during the company’s live showing to announce the first 13 partners building Steam Machines, and reveal the specs and prices of the first… Read the rest

Valve and the Steam Machine: No Vapor Here

January 5, 2014 john 0
With recent announcements about The Steam Machine, there has been an explosion of buzz about Steam and what it means to the computer and online gaming community. Although some components of the Steam Universe are over a decade old, there… Read the rest

Some last minute geeky holiday inspirations

December 22, 2013 john 0
Tis a wee bit late to try getting those last minute gifts mail-order. You’re still waiting to buy that “perfect gift for that special someone”? At this point it’s the discount aisle at the Quik-Trip. However, this pinterest board may… Read the rest

and why would i share this?

January 26, 2013 john 0
We’ve all seen them. The obviously not-so-serious photo of some goof or goofette, begging people to like their photo so they can get married, get the car they’ve been salivating over,  get a pet bunny, or what have you. And… Read the rest

99 dollar android game console

December 29, 2012 john 0
OUYA is a powerful and beautifully-designed console, created by Yves Behar. OUYA offers a large library of games, video/audio streaming, on-demand apps and entertainment apps all playable in your living room. get the details by… Read the rest