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Avengers of Oz: Age of Tin Man

June 27, 2015 john 0
Darren Wallace of Melbourne, Australia has created “Avengers of Oz: Age of Tin Man,” a parody of the Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser trailer that features characters from the classic The Wizard of Oz of 1939. The Tin Woodsman takes… Read the rest

TARDIS – Coming to a sky near you.

April 26, 2015 john 0
Remember the remote controlled “Flying Witch” and “Flying Superman” videos on youtube a while back? Those were the work of Otto Dieffenbach and his unique advertising company, FlyGuy Promotions. He creates unique Identifiable Flying Objects (IFOs) as promotional gimmicks for… Read the rest

Why dig when you know Time Travel?

December 2, 2014 john 0
It’s sci-fi of the goofy kind, beautifully executed. The visual effects and scenery are stunning, but play into an inside joke about the low budget feel of films past. The main character (Fripp) and his spacecraft seem to me a… Read the rest

A Call for Contributors

September 25, 2014 john 0
Hey Kids! Got your own blog highlighting all that is geeky? Want to reach a larger audience and gain regular readers of your blog? Howsabout reposting your select articles here at The Brew? This is admittedly a huge boon to… Read the rest

Terminate! Terminate!

May 4, 2014 john 0
Yes it’s another Terminator reboot, but with a decidedly geeky twist: Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions announced the launch of a new trilogy based on the James Cameron franchise, starring Emilia Clarke from “Game of Thrones” and Jason Clarke, who… Read the rest

ET Burial Ground Unearthed!

April 27, 2014 john 0
No, you did not just wander onto a page at The National Enquirer. One of the longest lived Urban Legends of the gaming community has just been proven … true. On September 28, 1983, the New York Times ran a… Read the rest

Stop in the name of the … Claw?

April 27, 2014 john 0
Over the past 70 years or so we’ve had lots of cinematic variations on the werewolf theme. Wolf-Men. Wolf-Women. Teen Wolf. Lycanthropic gated communities. To the best of my knowledge, Canadian writer/director/editor Lowell Dean (known for 13 Eerie, I Heart… Read the rest

What if Superman found your GoPro?

April 20, 2014 john 0
So if Superman found your GoPro camera and it had your name on it, he’d return it right? Of course he would, he’s Superman. He might take care of a few errands on the way, however. Film company Corridor Digital… Read the rest

Four years of dedication for your enjoyment

January 9, 2014 john 0
Japanese animator Takahide Hori spent four years of his spare time making this stunning half-hour stop-motion creation. The painstaking process took four years comprised almost solely of the artist’s effort, creating all the characters and sets and shooting it one… Read the rest

Films of The Master

January 3, 2014 john 0
Son of East End greengrocer William Hitchcock and his wife, Emma Jane (Whelan), Alfred Hitchcock is the acknowledged master of the thriller genre he virtually invented. He was also a brilliant technician who deftly blended sex, suspense and humor. He… Read the rest

Welcome to The Kreepy Kastle

December 29, 2013 john 0
If you’re somewhere between your 30s to your 50s you might remember watching a local or national “Horror Movie Show”, usually late Saturday night. As I grew up it was “Nightmare Theatre” with Dr. Cadaverino in Milwaukee, WI. The shows… Read the rest
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