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A Call for Contributors

September 25, 2014 john 0
Hey Kids! Got your own blog highlighting all that is geeky? Want to reach a larger audience and gain regular readers of your blog? Howsabout reposting your select articles here at The Brew? This is admittedly a huge boon to… Read the rest

Art + Optics + Psychology = WTF

January 4, 2014 john 0
Rivaled perhaps by famed street artist Banksy in protecting his identity, illusion enthusiast Brusspup has been astounding youtube viewers for over five years with his spectacular optical illusions. It’s better to consider him as much a magician as an artist.… Read the rest

Hydrographics – Too Cool for Words

January 4, 2014 john 0
Hydrographics, also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, or cubic printing, is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional objects. This process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials.… Read the rest

Happy birthday, Spirit!

January 3, 2014 john 0
January 4, 2014 marks the tenth anniversary of the landing of NASA’s Spirit Rover on the surface of Mars. Although the rover had a planned mission length of about 92 Earth days, Spirit was operational for over six years. Spirit… Read the rest

How to get green? Start here.

December 31, 2013 john 0
Service by Green is a relatively new site with a growing directory of green and sustainable products and professional services comitted to operating in an eco-friendly manner. If you’re looking for information on improving your homes air quality, alternatives to… Read the rest

pint size tractor beam

January 27, 2013 john 0
A team of scientists from Scotland and the Czech Republic have created a real-life miniature Star Trek style  “tractor beam”  in a development which may lead to more efficient medical testing. The microscopic beam allows a source of light to… Read the rest

geek 2013 at winter gardens margate

January 17, 2013 john 0
GEEK 2013 at Winter Gardens Margate Following the overwhelming success of our pilot event in February 2012 we are delighted to announce that GEEK (Game Expo East Kent) will be back for 2013. [embedplusvideo height=”309″ width=”500″ standard=”″ vars=”ytid=SYAuTItmOSU&width=500&height=309&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep2393″ /]… Read the rest

uvb-76 what’s the buzz?

January 13, 2013 john 0
Among hundreds of radio stations in Russia, there is one that has been gripping the imagination of radio spotters worldwide for over three decades. The mysterious UVB-76 also known as The Buzzer. The Buzzer, broadcasting from near Povarovo, Russia, features… Read the rest
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