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Over a year ago I started working on this site, my original vision being only slightly completely different than what you see now.

John the Geek

I wanted to start off doing videos immediately. The theme was going to be more beer related than the current coffee motif, as a slight tribute to “Strange Brew” (not a good movie but still one of my favorites). The content is pretty close to my original idea, a quirky mix of tech, sci-fi, fantasy, alternative music and just a pinch of political rudeness for that extra bold flavor.

Ah well, plans and reality. Some early viewers found the references to alcohol a bit disturbing, but dammit I’d already paid nearly TEN BUCKS for the domain. My video plans were optimistic, and kept taking a back seat in both time and money to other trivial pursuits such as food, and heat.

Despite my grand plans not coming to fruition, I still love this site. I run a number of websites and this is by far the most fun. And over time, it’s become my most popular website, regularly drawing hundreds of visitors daily.

As much as I like to have fun with websites, I’m also mighty fond of eating. And all of the sites I run have that as a goal, and I do what I can to make my sites both enjoyable for everyone and profitable. This next year looks to be a great one for the brew. In regards to new ideas for content and features, expanding into video and other realms, and also making my wallet just a wee bit less thin.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you’ll come back regularly to see what we have going.



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