7 Toxic Products I Replaced with One Cheap, Green Solution

Originally published July 8, 2016 at asktheecogeeks.com

7 Toxic Products I replaced with ecoGeekand save my self $80.50 every couple of months.

I honestly believe that, if I started a jar and put all of the money I saved using ecoGeeks Boost I’d be more likely to be able to put the eco-girls through college in a few years.

We go through about 2o pounds of ecoGeeks OXY-Boost every few months. Most folks would think, “how could you POSSIBLY do that much laundry?” but ecoGeeks OXY-Boost is so much more than a laundry de-stainer, deodorizer and detergent boost.

By simply replacing these 7 products with ecoGeeks Boost, I save about $80 every few months. PLUS, I still have plenty of Boost left over to do my laundry and other household cleaning chores. After about $55 for a 20 pound bulk package, I’ve still saved about $25 in the net. That’s like free money, my friends.

eco girls and mickHere’s the breakdown of products I don’t buy anymore:

  1. Drain Cleaner: Save about $12
  2. Stain Pre-Treatment: Save about $8
  3. Upholstery Spot Remover: Save about $10
  4. Mold / Mildew Cleaner and Remediation: Save about $9 – $25 (I’m working on a new article on this)
  5. Drain Deodorizer: Save about $12.50
  6. Carpet Cleaner Solution: Save about $20
  7. Pet Stains: Save about $9

PLUS there’s the added benefit that I’m also removing some potentially seriously nasty chemicals from under my sink and keeping them away from myself and the little guys.

oxy boost 20lb boxGet some bulk ecoGeeks (OXY)Boost here!

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